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Dental Implant Testimonials

We have included some testimonials so you can hear what our patients have to say.


Ben McDavitt says his life has been transformed with dental implant-retained dentures.


Debbie is now delighted to smile and show her teeth, even for photographs, after having dental treatment, including two implants, at Moreton Dental Care.


A fixed full-arch implant bridge ended years of dental misery for Margaret who had been embarrassed by her failing teeth and post crowns


An award-winning case. Flo told judges how Dr Paul Sherrard’s implant treatment had saved her life.


Dental implants restored Donna’s smile and confidence after a traumatic accident- she lost three front teeth when her horse kicked her in the mouth.


On retirement Wal decided to have implant treatment to get rid of the denture he had worn for years.


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Patient Testimonials

  • Desperate to be able to eat again

    florenceFlorence Webb, 73, says dental implants have literally saved her life. Florence from Greasby had been unable to eat solid food for almost a year because she couldn’t wear a lower denture. Doctors had threatened to put her on a drip because she was losing so much weight on a liquid diet. Her problem was solved by securing a new lower arch of teeth with two implants, making them completely stable. A delighted Florence feels she has a new lease of life now that she can eat normally again. “I can enjoy a Sunday roast again now, or go out for a meal,” she said.

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