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Dental implant process


Your first appointment is a consultation with Dr Sherrard and one of our nurse co-ordinators where we listen to your individual requirements, discuss all options fully and draw up a detailed written estimate.  You also meet members of the implant team and are offered a tour of the practice.  After you have had time to give our proposals full consideration a treatment plan based on your specific needs is agreed.

Have I enough bone for dental implants?

Moreton Dental Care is one of a few practices in the area to have a Cone Beam CT scanner. This produces highly accurate three dimensional images which provide far more information than the traditional 2-D X-ray. A dentist assessing a patient for implant treatment needs to know as much as possible about the patient’s jaw bone. While 2-D X-rays will only show the height of bone, the 3D CT scan will normally be able to show all the information required, including the quantity and quality bone, but most importantly the presence of anatomical structures that must be avoided during surgery. (The dental CT scanner produces images comparable to hospital CT scanners but with a much lower radiation dose and quicker scan times.)


The implant or implants are placed in surgery, usually under local anaesthetic.  Patients are often pleasantly surprised at the lack of discomfort involved.   However, sedation is available for very anxious patients (although we rarely find a need for this).


Implants take about 12 weeks to integrate into the bone- a process known as osseointegration.  The implants are then ready to be restored with either a crown (cap), bridge or denture.  It is possible to restore an implant earlier, or even immediately.

Implant advice sheets

Before Extractions and Dental Implant Treatment
Dental implant placement procedure
Second Stage Dental Surgery



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Patient Testimonials

  • Desperate to be able to eat again

    florenceFlorence Webb, 73, says dental implants have literally saved her life. Florence from Greasby had been unable to eat solid food for almost a year because she couldn’t wear a lower denture. Doctors had threatened to put her on a drip because she was losing so much weight on a liquid diet. Her problem was solved by securing a new lower arch of teeth with two implants, making them completely stable. A delighted Florence feels she has a new lease of life now that she can eat normally again. “I can enjoy a Sunday roast again now, or go out for a meal,” she said.

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