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Cosmetic Dentistry Case Studies

Cosmetic Dentistry Case Studies

New crowns and tooth whitening

This woman in her late 20s was unhappy with the appearance of crowns placed when she was a teenager and had developed a dark line near the gums. We improved the appearance by providing all-ceramic crowns (for increased translucency), tooth whitening and making some adjustments to the edges of her two front teeth.

Ceramic crowns and composite bonding

This 17-year-old schoolboy hated his ‘peg teeth’ and was very conscious of them. They have been restored with all-ceramic crowns and the gap between the front teeth closed with composite bonding (white filling material). The teenager was delighted.

New crowns and veneers

This 36-year-old female was unhappy with two crowns on her upper teeth- she felt they were too prominent. She had two new crowns and veneers on her two front teeth. The patient was delighted.

New veneers

This male patient in his late 20's didn't like the appearance of his very old and failing veneers. These were replaced with new ceramic veneers, much to the patients delight.

Composite bonding

This 30-year-old patient didn't like the appearance of her crooked front teeth. She didn't want to have her teeth prepared for crowns or veneers and didn't want to have braces. Composite bonding (tooth coloured filling material) was used to build the teeth up and achieve the result she wanted. Now she couldn't be happier with her new smile.

New crowns and bridges

This man in his late 40s felt the appearance of his teeth aged him. He had a combination of new crowns and bridges made with a very natural looking ceramic material and was more than happy with the results- he felt confident to smile again.

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