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Dental Implant Case Studies

Dental Implant Case Studies

Single implant and crown

This young female patient fell and damaged her front tooth which led to a root filling and a post crown.  This lasted for about five years, but then the crown began to fall out frequently. The patient opted for a more permanent solution of having the tooth replaced with a dental implant and crown.

After completing her treatment she said: "I'm so delighted with my new tooth. It really has made a massive difference to my confidence.  Thank you all so much."

Single implant and crown, plus veneers

This 55-year-old woman patient attended very unhappy with appearance and with loose upper left tooth from being trapped behind her bite. Treatment involved an implant crown to replace the loose tooth and some veneers, tooth whitening and gum therapy.

Two implant-retained bridges

This 64-year-old female attended unable to wear a lower denture and asked for a fixed implant solution for her missing lower teeth to help her enjoy eating more and appearance. She was conscious of the gaps in her mouth. She had two implant bridges using four implants to fill the spaces of her missing back teeth.

Four implants to secure an upper bridge

This 48-year-male had severe aggressive gum disease. This resulted in the loss of all his upper teeth. He had a fixed implant-retained bridge, and has undergone extensive gum therapy to tackle the gum disease.

Four implants to secure an upper fixed bridge

This 49-year-old female attended with a large infected cyst on her upper front tooth which was painful and discharging constantly. Her other upper teeth were loose and failing because of gum disease. She was very unhappy with their appearance. Four implants were placed and an upper fixed bridge made which restored function and appearance.

When she returned for review she said: “This is totally life-changing, and I mean life, not just mouth. I can now genuinely smile and talk without embarrassment.”

Single implant to replace congenitally missing molar

This 29-year-old woman had a congenitally missing upper left second pre-molar. She wasn’t happy to have the sound adjacent teeth drilled down for bridges so she opted for the more conservative solution of implants instead. She had an implant-retained crown fitted to replace the missing tooth. This improved appearance and eating ability.

Single implant and crown plus composite bonding

This 30-year-old male had a missing front tooth, yellow teeth and pointed side tooth. He had tooth whitening, an implant crown and a composite addition to the pointed tooth to improve its appearance.

Single implant and crown plus veneers (2)

This 51-year-old female was really embarrassed about her smile as she had short teeth and a missing front tooth. She had an implant crown to replace the missing tooth and veneers to lengthen and improve the appearance of the adjacent teeth.

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