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I hated wearing a denture to replace a missing front tooth

gary"I tried wearing the plate for nine months but it didn’t look right and it didn’t feel right," said Wallasey businessman Gary Morris, 51. Gary had a single implant and crown instead and is delighted. He said: "It’s a permanent tooth, and feels the same as my other teeth."

"I’ve no regrets and I’m very pleased with the appearance of it," said Gary who is now happy to go out for meals again. Gary was referred to Dr Sherrard by his Wallasey dentist.

Nervous patient says implant treatment was painfree

freda"I am the biggest wimp going but I didn’t feel a thing when Paul was working on my teeth," says Freda O’Hare, 64, who had four implants fitted to secure a fixed bridge. The charity administrator from Meols told how her bottom teeth became loose after a cycling accident, but she didn’t want to wear a denture.

She said: "The implants are marvellous. I don’t know they’re there, and I can eat anything I want. The experience has been just fabulous." Freda has been a regular patient at Moreton Dental Care for many years.

I didn’t want to have a gap when I lost a molar.

victoriaNor did Victoria Silvester want a bridge because that would have meant filing down two healthy teeth to support it. Instead the 31-year-old solicitor from West Kirby opted for a single implant and crown.

She said: "After failed root canal treatment I’d gone off dentists, but the treatment I’ve had here was fantastic. Having the implant didn’t hurt at all, and Paul told me what was happening at each stage. He’s restored my faith in dentistry." Victoria’s dad recommended she came to Moreton Dental Care after he had undergone implant treatment with Dr Sherrard.

Desperate to be able to eat again

florenceFlorence Webb, 73, says dental implants have literally saved her life. Florence from Greasby had been unable to eat solid food for almost a year because she couldn’t wear a lower denture. Doctors had threatened to put her on a drip because she was losing so much weight on a liquid diet. Her problem was solved by securing a new lower arch of teeth with two implants, making them completely stable. A delighted Florence feels she has a new lease of life now that she can eat normally again. “I can enjoy a Sunday roast again now, or go out for a meal,” she said.

Paul O’Hare, 62, felt he was losing his teeth one by one

paul"I felt I had let them deteriorate for too long. They were breaking off one by one so I went to see Paul on my wife’s recommendation to see if there was anything he could do with what I had left," said the retired accountant.

"I’m more than pleased with the result," added Paul who had six dental implants placed to secure three bridges, two lower and one upper. "I can smile again in photographs now, and feel more confident when talking to people. I’m thrilled."

Unsightly teeth curb social life

daveWallasey man Dave Penny felt the appearance of his top teeth were so bad he didn’t want to go out or talk to strangers. Severe gum disease meant most of his upper teeth needed extracting. In their place he now has a full arch of teeth secured by four implants. Dave, 48, says the transformation is “amazing”. “Now I’m happy to go to the pub again,I feel much more confident, and I can smile again,” he said. Dave was referred to Mr Sherrard by his regular dentist in Wallasey.

I got fed up with my front crown falling out

suzanneDental nurse Suzanne Jackson, 25, had to have one of her front teeth crowned six years ago when she tripped up on a kerb and broke the tooth. She had a post crown which kept falling out so eventually she had to choose between a bridge, a denture or an implant for a more permanent solution.

She has no regrets about choosing the implant. “I love it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It fits in really well. With the crown I was restricted in what I could bite on with my front teeth. Now I can eat an apple and crusty bread again, and smile without worrying.”

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