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Tooth Whitening

We use Evolution Bleaching-By Enlighten, a world leader in tooth whitening which has already produced outstanding results for many people at our Wirral practice.

Patients want Evolution teeth whitening because:

  1. It is a simple, gentle method that will give people even with the darkest teeth a dazzling white smile again within two to four weeks.
  2. Painful high-concentration gels are NOT used, therefore sensitivity is kept to a minimum.
  3. With easy periodic at-home maintenance the results are permanent.
  4. The results are so outstanding that patients can still consume their favourite-tooth-staining beverages, such as tea and red wine, while undergoing treatment.

The key to Enlighten’s success lies in the specially designed Evolution trays.  It is a super seal design which neither allows gel to escape or saliva in (saliva quickly inactivates bleaching gel).

Enlighten is used by many of the world’s leading dentists and by more than 1,000 in the UK

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